This is likely the last thing you would expect to find on a site like this. Frankly it was the last thing I ever intended to put here. But I was so blown away by this that I thought it worth a mention anyway.

I was at a friends a couple weeks ago on a nice afternoon. He invited a bunch of us over just to get out of the house and spend some time together, and everyone was happy to oblige since we were all sick of not doing anything. Little did we know that he had some work done in his yard he was wanting to show off. In his defense, that might not be the primary reason he had us over, but my gut tells me he was really doing a little gloating.

As I said the day was relatively warm for February, roughly in the mid-60’s. We headed for his fridge to grab a beer before settling in and started toward his den. But he said we should follow him outside instead. There were three of us, so we followed him, not sure why. It was nice out, but still chilly to be sitting outside. When we got out on his deck, we discovered he had a huge fireplace built off the end of his deck. It was enormous. The outside was stone which matched the base of his house. I’ve never seen any such thing. It had a built-in compartment on the side for storing wood. A lot of wood. The fire was roaring. It was awesome. We pulled up chairs he had on his deck and we spent hours there in front of the fire talking about stuff most people would find painfully boring, occasionally feeding another log into the fire.

He told us he was thinking of having a whole outdoor kitchen built, but it was over the budget. He and his wife wanted to do something to really add some character to their already nice yard, so they found a company that builds outdoor fireplaces in Richmond, and had them come out and look at their setup. These guys evidently also build kitchens and fire pits, but they decided the fireplace would give the yard what they were looking for.

It is the darndest thing! I’d love to have one also but don’t have the room for anything that big. He said they can build them any size, so maybe I will look into it.