I debated including this page but decided to do it to round out the review of hardware and software by talking about some of the challenges I have encountered over the years in dealing with office space and environments that are conducive to really high-powered hardware.

Computers can run real hot, particularly of you are doing a lot of gaming or high CPU load activities. Your equipment will run better in an area with good air flow and that is kept cool and dry in the summer.

In most offices this is no problem, but many small business offices are located in old houses or older office buildings that have poor or old HVAC systems, little or no humidity control, and not nearly enough insulation in walls, attics, and crawl spaces to keep the building cool enough to allow the equipment to run properly.

I was dealing with a client whose office equipment was giving them fits, crashing, running slow, and even pixilating on the screens from time to time. We checked the wiring, network, connections, and everything we could think of but were coming up empty. I was discussing the problem with my wife and she told me a story. She is from Virginia and worked for a small company called Sentraliant. They had a data center where they created and hosted billing systems. Anyway they were having very similar problems in their office and spent a bunch of money trying to get them fixed, doing all of the same things we were doing, when they finally discovered that despite the expensive HVAC system, the office part of the building had very high humidity levels. Came to find out that due to the age of the building, the insulation in the office space was woefully inadequate, so they called in an insulation installer in Richmond Va. to come in and have a look. Turned out the walls had no insulation in them at all! After some work blowing insulation into the walls and the installation of a couple dehumidifiers, the problem was solved. So we did some research for my client and the humidity testing sure enough showed it to be too high. One of the better articles we found was one written by Avtech which helped us with our measurements. Another good article we found written by Hunker was a huge help.

Often the solutions to issues can be found outside where one would typically look.