System Info Tools

Unique software programs designed to gather important but hard-to-find information about the hardware in your computer system are called system information tools. This data is extremely helpful for professionals assisting you with computer problems.

System information tools have other uses, too. For example, they provide data on the RAM you have, which guides your decision of what replacement or upgrade to purchase, creates a list of the hardware present when selling your computer, and keeps up with the temperature of various components in your system.

Today, there are an array of system information tools available for free or to purchase. Your needs will likely dictate the tool you choose to use for your computer. The free tools are typically sufficient for those who don’t engage in heavy computer usage; however, if more intensive programs are needed, they are available for a flat fee or monthly charge.

Some of the top free options to consider include Speccy, Free PC Audit, ASTRA 32, PC Wizard 2015, and HWiNFO. Keep in mind, each option offers unique pros and cons so conducting additional research to find one that meets your needs is recommended to anyone interested in system information tools.

Virtual Reality and Best Headsets

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating way for you to travel without ever leaving your home. All this is thanks to the power of technology. With motion tracking and a headset, VR allows you to look around any virtual space – as if you are there. It has been a promising technology for many decades, but in the past, it has never really caught on. Today, this is all changing with the new and modern wave of various VR products, especially as some of the “big names” in the industry are starting to focus and improve the headsets offered.

Oculus offers standalone and tethered headsets with some of the top options being Rift S, Quest, and Go. HTC also offers Stream-Friendly options with the Vive Cosmos headset, which is from the developer who created the Vive Pro. Sony offers the PS4 focused PlayStation virtual reality headset, and the Windows Mixed Reality platform from Microsoft offers several headsets from a few different suppliers.

You can also find options from other big-name brands, such as Samsung, Google, and Nintendo that are top contenders for the ones mentioned above, all offering advanced technology to enhance the VR experience a user has.

Best Desktops

When searching for a quality desktop computer, there are an array of factors to consider from processing speed and use to price and features. Here you can learn about some of the top options.

The Apple iMac

With updates and new features added, the 27-inch iMac provides an array of features with top performance specs for individuals who still enjoy using a desktop computer.

The HP Curved All-in-One 34

Not only is the Curved Envy the most functionally designed and elegant AIO available in the market, it offers a great set of features and solid performance for being a family PC.

The Dell XPS 27

If you are a sound-and-vision junkie, this computer is for you. The update by Dell to the 27-inch AIO provides superior sound and a vibrant display. Even better, it offers a well-rounded Windows system, providing you the function and use you want and need from your desktop computer.

Falcon Northwest Tiki

If you want to build VR experiences, this computer provides the tools and processing power to allow you to do just that. If you are a virtual reality developer, which includes Oculus, the Tiki desktops will provide the features needed to create new VR experiences. While the system is pricey, it is also flexible and powerful without taking up too much real estate.

Music Writeup and Best Hardware

To make music, having the right hardware is essential. It’s crucial that you consider the type of gear, if it is really necessary for your needs and setup, and how to choose the gear that best suits these needs.

Keep reading to learn more about each item you may need and how to choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember, doing your own research will also guide your buying decision.

Audio Interface

This is essential the heart of your recording chain. This is the box you will connect your instruments and mics too, and what converts the sounds you make into a digital signal and sends it to your computer. A top pick for a quality audio interface is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

Handheld Digital Recorder

Versatile and essential, having a handheld digital recorder is a must. For top sound quality and built in microphones, consider the Zoom H4N Pro.


The microphone you choose can make or break your recording session. Be sure to read up on all the spec sheets and technical terms to find one that suits your needs.

Best Hardware for Virtual Desktops

The right hardware for a virtual desktop depends on the individual deployment. While this is true, admins must work with the legacy hardware and think of the new devices needed to support any virtual desktop initiative.

DaaS – Desktop as a Service, which offers virtual desktop infrastructure from specific cloud providers, allows a device, besides a PC, to access featured desktops being hosted by the data center. Since the servers are doing all the work, these client devices don’t need to be very powerful. This has enabled BYOD excitement and confusion along with the chance to reduce capital expenses using client devices that are not so costly.

The top options for virtual desktops include standard PCs, thin client devices, zero client devices, and mobile devices. Admins should consider each departments or users needs, including when and where they work, what applications are used, and which hardware client is the best option.

With the virtual desktop configuration in place through a reliable cloud provider, it is possible to ensure quality collaboration among teams, minimize hardware expenditures, and improve a company’s bottom line significantly.