Mac vs. Windows

If you visit any technology conference you will find people on both sides of the fence when it comes to Mac and Windows. The conflict between these people has raged everywhere – from internet message boards, social networks, and college campuses. If you want to know – once and for all – what the real difference is between Macs and Windows, you must look at the facts.

Customer Satisfaction Levels

A striking difference between PCs and Macs is customer satisfaction. According to surveys from PCMag and PCWorld, Apple computer were selected over every brand of PC available. The Macs scored higher marks in categories like phone hold time, service experience, and reliability. Mac also came out on top in the “likelihood of recommending” category.


Since most of the computers in the world run off Microsoft Windows, most attacks are focused on PCs. Malware, such as Trojans, which are designed to trick a user into installing them by pretending to be something appealing, commonly attack PCs but rarely target Macs. This does not mean Mac users should ignore security, as issues can arise.


A top reason that Mas has not been able to capture a bigger share of the computer market is the lack of software that has been written for the operating system in use. This insufficiency is clear in the business computing realm where most applications have been standardized on Windows PCs several years ago. Even if a business believed Mac offered the better product, it would take a lot of money and time to make a change from PCs to Macs.


Apple has worked diligently to create a hip and fun image for the line of Mac devices offered, all while portraying PCs as being nerdy and dull. According to one survey, Mac users are more likely to read the New York Times, eat hummus, and be liberal while PC users are more conservative, have a better understanding of math and prefer Harleys over Vespas. While these aren’t “official” results, they are interesting.

Operating Systems

The OS has been one of the biggest differences between Macs and PCs for years. PCs are known for the Windows operating system while Macs run on something completely different. While improvements have been made to both, it seems there is still a consensus that Windows is easier to run and use, making it a preferred choice for many.