My name is Judd and I am from Sacramento originally. My family was broken with my mom eventually moving back east when I was in grade school. My sister Sarah went with her, but I remained with my dad who was a plumber by trade. He always pounded into me the importance of a good education and instilled a good work ethic in me.

I was not a great student but I got into Cal State and majored in Computer Science. I was always fascinated with computers, not knowing just how involved my life was getting ready to become. landed my first job at AT&T in El Segundo working as an entry level programmer, but eventually moved into Analytics and Automation. This was cutting edge stuff at the time and was really a lot of fun. Thought I could do it my whole life but after about 5 years or so I found myself yearning to get more into the cell phone world. My strengths were growing nicely at the time and I was approached by a representative from Samsung at a trade show I was at. We got to talking and I was fascinated with what he had to say. I got an interview there and fell in love with the place. Was elated they hired me.

So I moved to San Jose and started at Samsung as an App designer. My skills from AT&T came in handy and gave me a good foundation from which to get started. I spent 7 years at Samsung, learning an incredible amount about not just Apps and App development, but a lot about networking and even data center construction and wiring. I just couldn’t get enough.

Finally with a nice collection of high demand skills and a drive to set out on my own (learned from my dad), I left Samsung and started doing some contracting on my own. It was scary at first but I quickly came to realize that companies were always looking for highly motivated individual to fill gaps in their own skill sets without all the overhead of employees. It is easy to line up contracts doing any number of things in the IT space.

That is what I am doing to this day. I have done very well for myself. I have bought a number of rental properties which I manage and my dad finally sold his house and moved in with me. He is in poor health and I am better able to help him here than having to drive 3 hours to get to him.

So anyway, one of the things I have always aspired to do is to share my experiences with some of the coolest stuff I have seen, and I have seen a lot. I plan to group the things into 4 categories, though that is subject to change as I move forward. I will have a Phone, Laptop, Desktop, and Misc page where I will discuss structural things I’ve seen related to the implementation of these things. I hope you enjoy this and learn some things as well.